Richness of the Land

A Culinary Ecosystem

The King Estate ecosystem not only produces premium grapes and wine; it also serves as a rich source for unique local food, ideally suited for pairing with our wines.


King Estate is a unique property dedicated to sustainability and pairing Northwest wines with regionally sourced food. We use our lands as responsibly as possible and allow them to dictate what we cultivate. The resulting bounty inspires our restaurant culinary team and delights our cherished guests.

With a full acre of lavender and 30 acres of organic gardens and orchards, we are proud to be one of the largest organic vineyards in the world.

We are proud to be one of the largest organic vineyards in the world.

The Gardens

In keeping with our Biodynamic practices, we grow and harvest our own cover crop seed for use in our vineyards and garden areas. These beautiful plants help supply vital components of the growing process. A combination of Austrian peas, crimson clover, wheat, oats and flowering perennials provide valuable benefits to our vineyards. The precious seeds act as a green manure and provide an insectary for beneficial insects while producing nitrogen.

Crop diversity is an important aspect of our culinary ecosystem. Local food supply is an equally important part of our organic farming philosophy. Not only do we grow fruits and vegetables for use in our estate restaurant, but we also contribute to FOOD for Lane County and various organizations that provide hunger relief in our community.

The Orchards

King Estate is home to crops other than grapes, including certified Biodynamic vegetables, flowers and fruits. The orchard alone is 14 acres — three of pears, seven of apples and four of plums. Our winemakers make what they like to call a winemaker’s cider using pears and apples that are entirely sourced from these estate orchards.

“You’re always going to have a better meal if your ingredients are fresh and local. If you go out and pick it now, then cook it. That’s the best.”

Ed King


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