May 5, 2020 Posted in Biodynamic, Vineyard

Sheep Arrive on Estate

The sheep are here! On April 29 King Estate welcomed 51 newly shorn ewes to the estate. The arrival of the sheep is an annual and much anticipated event. This year there is a twist. These sheep aren’t just passing through our pastures and vineyard. They are here to stay. King Estate purchased the sheep to provide vegetation control and natural fertilization – all part of our commitment to sustainable, Biodynamic® farming and local food sourcing.

Once a couple of rams arrive this summer, we can look forward to welcoming baby lambs next winter. How many? “Lots,” says Vineyard Manager Meliton Martinez. (One of the rams will come from his own flock which lives adjacent to the vineyard.)


In preparation for the sheep’s arrival, Meliton and his crew built fences and corrals where the sheep will sleep at night. From November to mid-April the sheep will graze in the vineyard. When the buds start to grow, the sheep will be moved to pastures on the estate. Newly acquired haying equipment will allow us to harvest hay to keep the sheep in food during the year’s dry months.

Next time you visit the estate, see if you can spot the sheep grazing on the property. If you can’t make it out, you can count on us to post pictures on our Facebook and Instagram sites. The estate is an ever-evolving and changing ecosystem and now the sheep are adding to our farm’s diversity. We are so excited to welcome them to their new home.