June 19, 2019 Posted in Wines

Domaine Bottle Sports New Look

In the fall release wines, Tower Club members may notice a new look for the 2018 King Estate Domaine Pinot Gris label and bottle. We don’t want to spoil the surprise but here’s a little teaser. The bottle itself has an elegant and subtle cartouche design emblazoned on the shoulder front. This cartouche is used exclusively for our Domaine, or estate-grown, wines.

The bottle was manufactured in China, which has gained a reputation of late for producing the best glass for wine bottles. Leaving nothing to chance, Winemaker Brent Stone and Director of Marketing Ryan Johnson traveled to Yantai, China, to personally oversee the production of samples before the plant made 10,000 cases worth. They were pleased with the quality and we are all thrilled to unveil the new package soon.